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Unveiling Our Latest Addition: The Significance of the Masonic Square & Compass Pocket Watch

25 Feb 2024

The year 2024 marks fresh starts and new additions; this includes our latest additions in products such as masonic pocket watch. As the New Year ushered in, how could we be left behind, eh? As you take a sneak peek into our store Trendy Zone 21, you would be marveled by our unique and trendy products that have just arrived.

 Love masonic? Then you would love to be at our store! Our incredible masonic products promise to awe you to no end. From masonic pocket watches, cufflinks, globes to compass and much more, you can discover a whole new world of unique and stylish masonic products. 

If you are looking for an antique masonic pocket watch, then one product can catch your eye. It is the Masonic Square & Compass Pocket Watch. We have two varieties of this watch: one is the see-through variety and the other is the antique variety. Both are available at awesome rates at our store.

Why do you need a pocket watch?

Well, won’t you like to make an impression at a party or some formal event? A stylishly designed watch blends well with your ensemble. It’s a common observation that something unique and historic attracts attention; so this watch promises to grab attention and create an impression.

Besides, a pocket watch with a distinctive design becomes a collector piece that is preserved for generations. You don’t spend money to buy such products; you actually invest in them.

Masonic Antique/Compass Square Pocket Watch

This antique gold masonic pocket watch is a thing to possess. You can also get it in silver color with Masonic logo embossed on it in gold color at the center. The design of this watch is beautiful with white/blue color dial featuring masonic symbols.

This watch goes well with formal and casual dressing. It surely catches the eye when you wear it with suits, vests, formal pants, and formal dresses. The watch comes with an elegant case having a long chain. You can use it in casual parties or business meetings.

You can easily buy masonic square and compass watch at our store in just a few clicks. The watch is available at a wonderful price and if you are a first-time buyer, you get 10% flat discount on your first purchase. 

Masonic Compass/Square See-Through Pocket Watch

This vintage masonic pocket watch can become one of your prized possessions! With an exquisite design and beautiful white dial consisting 1 to 12 numbers in Arabic, the watch exemplifies excellent workmanship. You can use this watch for daily use at the workplace and at casual gatherings.

A few of our other wonderful pocket watches include: Eagle Antique Pocket Watch, Masonic Triangular Pocket Watch With Chain, Masonic Freemasonry Alloy Metal Pocket Watch, Shriner’s Red & Gold Pocket Watch, and more. 

As you buy masonic pocket watch, you may also want to buy other equally wonderful masonic products present in our collection. TrendyZone21 endeavors to provide you a worthwhile shopping experience in our different product categories, including our popular masonic collection. Happy shopping!

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