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New! Mushroom & Alien Ashtrays and More: Handcrafted Collection by Trendy Zone 21

07 Apr 2024

Think of an ashtray and you conjure up images of a simple glass or metal structure in a boring brown or gray shade. After all, the structure is supposed to only hold the ash, right? 


You haven’t explored the intriguing collection of handcrafted mushroom ashtrays and alien ashtrays at our store Trendy Zone 21. It would change the way you look at ashtrays! 

What a transformation! From simple square or round structures to an object of art, ashtrays have evolved and how. 

Ashtrays you may have never seen before! 

Stoner Bear Ashtray

The creatively designed ashtrays at our store will awe you. From Joker Ashtray, Stone Bear Ashtray, Vampire Mouth Ashtray, Yin Yang Ashtray, Pharaoh Ashtray, Hooded Skull Ashtray, Rainbow Pot Leaf Ashtray, Loong Dragon Ashtray, Rabbit Ashtray, Smoking Skeleton Ashtray, Dank Side Ashtray, Mushroom Face Ashtray, and Leaf Skull Ashtray to a range of Rolling Trays, you are spoilt for choice. 

Exclusive handcrafted ashtrays 

Don’t miss the incredible range of handcrafted ashtrays such as Handcrafted Hamsa Ashtray, Handcrafted Mushroom Ashtray, Handcrafted Buddha Ashtray, and more.

Trendy Zone 21 is one of the rare stores where you can find handmade ashtrays in unique designs, such as Handmade Evil Eye Shaped Ashtray, Handmade Leaf Ashtray, Handmade Dragon Ashtray, Handmade Ashtray Rasta Pot Leaf, Handcrafted Rasta Lion Ashtray, Handmade Chillin Frog Ashtray, Handmade Elephant Ashtray, Handcrafted Paw Ashtray, Handmade Smoking Dread Man Ashtray, Handmade Smoking Skeleton Ashtray, Handmade Timekeeper Ashtray, Handmade Heart Face Ashtray, and more. 

Uniquely designed Incense burner holders

Well, you need not be a smoker to display a beautifully handcrafted ashtray at your home or workplace. For non-smokers, our store has a wonderful collection of incense burner holders. A few examples are: Big Buddha Handmade Incense Burner Holder, Baby Lotus Buddha Handmade Incense Burner Holder, Ohm Buddha Handmade Incense Burner, Ganesha Shaped Handmade Resin Incense Burner (available in gold and silver shades), and Tibet Buddha Shaped Handmade Resin Incense Burner (available in blue, pink, and yellow).

These beautiful pieces of art can adorn your table and become the center of attention.

Smoking pipes, anyone?

At Trendy Zone 21, you can expect products that are trendy and unique. It may be hard to find them elsewhere. 

Where else can you find an exceptionally designed Dragon Ball Smoking Pipe or a Handcrafted Multi-Color Mushroom Smoking Pipe?  

Sun, moon, and the aliens

And if you are fond of the heavenly bodies and aliens, you ought to have the Handcrafted Alien Head Smoking Pipe, the Alien Head Ashtray, Handcrafted Space Alien Ashtray, Alien Moon Ashtray, Handcrafted Alien Head Ashtray, and Alien Ashtray 4”.

The Handcrafted Sun & Moon Ashtray is a thing of beauty; so is the Moon Shaped Ashtray in a beautiful blue. 

Forget those plain brown and black structures in ashtrays. Visit our store Trendy Zone 21 and shop for ashtrays in jaw-dropping designs. 

Thinking these ashtrays to be pricey? Of course not. Our store specializes in providing distinctive items at the most competitive prices. 

Buy novelty ashtrays online and save money. Click on Trendy Zone 21 – your ultimate destination to one-of-a-kind items. 


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