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Personalized Ashtrays: How to Buy Customized Ashtrays Online for Yourself or as Gifts

27 Dec 2023

What’s the beauty in an ashtray, you may wonder; and if you are a non-smoker, you may cringe at the very word ‘ashtray.’ But hey, this means you haven’t been to our store Trendy Zone 21! Our collection of ashtrays promise to add to the aesthetics of your table. That said, an ashtray is not just a cigarette smoker’s essential, but it can be a thing of elegance.

Even those who do not smoke frequently can bask in the glory of smoking a fine cigar on a particular day. But when you hold one of the finest cigars in your hand, you ought to have the finest ashtray on the table, don’t you?

When planning to get an ashtray, online buy can be a good option. Ashtrays can be fun, can be quirky. Take a look at our uniquely designed ashtrays that range from 4’” to 4.5” in size. You will be awestruck by the sheer creativity of our products!

Grab our ashtrays

Our colourful and creative ashtrays would instantly win your heart; and they will definitely not be a burden to your pocket.

 Double benefits

  •  First, you come across some of the most uniquely designed ashtrays in the world.
  • Second, you save money by hitting some of the finest festival deals.

 Isn’t this great?

 Why do I need a personalized ashtray?

Well, it’s New Year! That time of the year when we want to appreciate our loved ones and ourselves. A customized ashtray can pose as the perfect gift for a loved one. It could be a fine gift to yourself and to your business.

A beautifully carved ashtray can impress. Besides, it can also help to inhibit the typical odors that can be repulsive to people. Put a custom ashtray at the meeting table and watch your business associates give a glance of appreciation for your fine taste. You can easily buy trendy ashtrays online at our store.

Alien ashtray

If you are fond of collecting items that seem out of this world, you ought to have our Alien Smoking Ashtray. The green alien sitting and smoking just beside the ashtray can become a sensational piece of “decor” on your table.

Mushroom ashtray

This colorful Mega Mushroom Ashtray With Lighter Stash has room to keep your lighter and cigar, besides serving as an ashtray. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Both the above mentioned ashtrays are available at

Tips to choose a custom ashtray

While choosing a uniquely designed ashtray, consider the following points: 

  • The frequency at which you smoke (for the size of an ashtray).
  • The number of smokers around you (again for the size of the ashtray).
  • The aesthetics of your place. This helps to decide whether you wish the ashtray to blend in your surroundings or stand out.

 Buy ashtrays online at our store at fabulous prices. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Hurry, or you might miss a unique piece!

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