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Get Bugged Out in Style! Trendy Zone 21 Launches New Insect Necklaces, Bracelets, Paperweights & Many More....

04 May 2024

Out with the ordinary, and in with the extraordinary! Embrace the allure of nature with real insects embedded in bracelets, necklaces, paperweights, and more. Visit our store Trendy Zone 21 and get stung with the latest fashionable accessories that feature real scorpions, bugs, and spiders. 

So, are you ready to get bugged out in style? 

These body accessories are ‘bugged’!  

Real insects necklaces and bracelets are hot this season. You ought to own one of them, such as the Real Insect Brown Scorpion Acrylic Necklace, available in two colors – green and blue. It’s time to get these beautiful creatures around your neck and wrist. 

Our store features a vast collection of insect-embedded accessories, including bracelets, such as the mesmerizing Real Insect Brown Scorpio Bracelet, the Spiny Spider Bracelet, the Scorpion Bracelet, the Black Scorpion Bracelet, Lucky Bean And Ant Bracelet, and many more. 

And if these aren’t your cup of tea, then make sure your office table or coffee table adorns paperweights that have real insects embedded in them. 

Insects on the table!

Browse our incredible collection at the store and you will certainly find a bug that suits your style! For example, the Crystal Clear Flower Bug Paperweight is available in two versions, one is with greenery and the other is with yellow flowers. The Crystal Clear Honeybee Paperweight is another beautiful décor. 

If you want round paperweights, then shop for Crystal Clear Scorpion & Spider Paperweights in two color combos - red and black, black and white. 

Go bold and beautiful with the Snake Half-Dome Paperweight, which glows in the dark. 

Hamster Half-Dome Paperweight, anyone? 

Bottle openers with scorpions and spiders! 

Are you looking for a wine & beer bottle opener? Then look no further than Trendy Zone 21. Our store’s stunning collection of real insect bottle openers will leave you wanting for more.  

You can find bottle openers that feature scorpions, spiders, beetles, wasps, and other such beautiful bugs. 

The glow-in-the-dark real insect wine bottle opener is a must-have. You can find the Black Scorpion Red Bottle Opener, the Brown Scorpio Glow In The Dark Bottle Opener, the Spider Glow In The Dark Bottle Opener, and more. 

The best thing is: you can easily buy insect bottle opener at our store Trendy Zone 21. Guess what? The prices are unbelievably low this season and we are offering a flat 10% discount on first-time purchases. 

So, grab a real insect this season and flaunt a unique style. 

In addition to real insect bottle opener, you can also find key chains, globes, and table décor embedded with real insects. Don’t miss the unique Spider Desktop Decorations or the Green Chafer Beetle Decoration. The Real Insect Brown Scorpion Cube With Display Stand is a marvelous thing to own; so is the Green Turtle globe. The Real Insect Scorpion (Black & Brown) Table Décor with its distinct curves is an eye-catcher. 

So, wait no more. 

Buy Real Insect New Collections, necklace, bracelet, globe, keychain, paperweight, and other items of décor with real insects in them. Give your visitors a jaw-dropping experience. 

Shop the latest real insect collection!

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